Corey V. Smith

Founder & Managing Partner

Corey is a seasoned Entrepreneur and Investment Professional, with a broad base of experience in Alternative Investments and Capital Markets. He has a consistent track record of successful product development, and has helped to build and deliver over $1 Billion of income-producing Investment products through his career.

Prior to founding Bandon River, Corey served as Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer for VLG Marketing, a boutique B2B Marketing Agency with over $6 Million in annual sales, and a staff of nearly 40 Creative and Account Management professionals. He was responsible for recapitalizing the company and dramatically improving internal financial controls and internal processes.

From 2004 – 2013, Corey served in leadership roles for a variety of Structured Investment Products. He served as Vice President of Sales for Noble Royalties, and was largely responsible for both building the Retail Distribution of the firm’s Oil & Gas Royalty Funds, and for developing a new Fund Structure that eventually became the firm’s primary vehicle for raising money, resulting in more than $1 Billion in AUM growth in the decade that followed his arrival. After leaving Noble, Corey spent several years working with other Product Sponsors to develop and launch new Funds, and was a Managing Partner of his own successful Oil & Gas Investment Company, Concord Land & Minerals. In 2011, he was recruited by ICON Investments in New York to serve as National Sales Manager for their flagship Equipment Finance Funds, and also to lead the launch of their Non-Traded Business Development Company, CION Investment Corporation.

Corey began his career with The Heritage Organization, rising rapidly to the role of Principal in a firm that specialized in sophisticated tax planning for Ultra High Net Worth clients.

Corey is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a degree in International Relations. He resides in Plano, TX with his teenage daughter, and is an avid golfer, musician and traveler.

Jamie Cochill


Jamie has an extensive background in Energy Accounting, having spent the bulk of her career in the Oil & Gas industry. She and Corey have worked together closely for over a decade on a variety of projects.

Jamie currently serves as Controller for VLG Marketing, where she has been responsible for all financial oversight, as well as executing a complete overhaul of the Agency’s Direct Mail Fulfillment, Pricing and Accounting processes. She has been instrumental in generating substantial cost savings and efficiencies within the company, and has firmly established a reputation for creative thinking and problem solving.

In addition to her work at VLG, Jamie has served as Controller for several Oil & Gas firms, including Samurai Operating, B&B Production, Concord Land & Minerals, and ECCO Energy, which was publicly traded. In those roles, she managed joint interest billing, accounting staff, public filings, and investor relations.

She has also worked in Acquisitions & Divestiture roles for Concord, Noble Royalties, and her own company, Royal Royalties. Collectively, she has been responsible for more than $20 Million of oil & gas property acquisitions throughout the United States.

Jamie studied Finance and Accounting at Lamar University. She resides in Richardson, TX with her husband and daughter.